Data Center


 Chickasha, Oklahoma
  • The average production salary is $15.27 per hour
  • The average experienced production salary is $17.73 per hour
  • 15,700 people currently leave the county to work
  • There are 12,468 employees in the Greater Chickasha area (10-minute drive time)
  • 268,577 employees within a 35 minute drive time
  • 731,309 employees reside in Grady and Surronding Counties
  • There are currently 2370 manufacturing employees within this area
    • Data sourced from Chmura JobsEq 5.21.18
  • Chickasha consistenly draws workforce from other Communities
    • The Chickasha area has historically shared workforce with surronding communities
    • Workers typically drive 35-40 minutes to work, which equates to 30-40 miles in Oklahoma
  • Chickasha has traditionally been a manufacturing community
    • Delta Faucet employed 700 people before moving to China in the mid 2000's
    • Gabriel/Arvin Meritor employed 400 people before shifting some of their processes to Mexico.They now have 200 employees.
    • Cycical oil field layoffs create an excellent workforce base.

Well Positioned to be Employer of Choice
      Although our unemployment is low, that number doesnot tell the real story. Our workforce is underemployed and many have to leave the community and county to work. A company that pays $19/20 per hour or more will have a pipeline of skilled employees willing to drive up to 40 minutes to work, and should be able to attract quality, skilled labor.
  • Many people are in positions that do not utilize their skills, certifications or degrees due to current job market.
  • Current employers in Chickasha tend to pay less than surronding communities; many do not pay a living wage.
Military Exits
  • An average of 1,000 military exits per year in the Chickasha area.

Right to Work
  • Oklahoma is a Right to Work state. There is currently no Union activity in Chickasha.
PO Box 873 Chickasha, OK 73023
P: 405-224-0787
(Physical) 221 W. Chickasha Avenue Chickasha, OK 73018