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Economic Gardening

The Chickasha Economic Gardening Program is designed to help new or existing companies have all the tools they need to grow and expand.

The Economic Development Council will provide all the following services at little or no expense to you:

  • Core Strategy – We will help you plan for changes in strategic directions, your business model and opportunity development. Having a plan is the key to great success and we will help you develop a plan that will get you through every type of economy and circumstance.
  • Market Dynamics – We will help you examine the relationship between you, your customers and your industry. Understanding these complex interactions will help you better market your business and services.
  • Management Team – With the help of the CEDC experts, we can help you discover the roles of your management team and how those roles will interact with your company's evolution.
  • Research on competitors, market, etc. – It can be time consuming and/or expensive to discover what your larger market looks like. We will help you discover this vital information so that you can carve your niche in the market more quickly and more permanently.
  • Product innovation assistance – As the old saying goes, “Innovate or die,” CEDC will help you discover the patterns of growth and innovation that your product will need to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Global Market – Thinking about selling your product globally? CEDC will call in Global experts to help you start your exporting program.

The Economic Gardening Program is complete package of business development tools designed to help Chickasha businesses have the edge in the global economy.
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